Burnt Friedman is a historical name in German and European electronic music; his career, which is approaching four decades, includes collaborations with such people as David Sylvian, AtomTM or the late Jaki Liebezeit (Can drummer, who we had the opportunity to present in OUT.FEST 2016, a few months before his unfortunate passing), with whom he worked for 17 years on the project ‘Secret Rythms’, still an absolute gem today, with its intersection of electronic music and organic percussion into a sound that is foreign to composition formulas and references from the West and the whole of the Northern Hemisphere.

It is precisely this long collaboration with Jaki Liebezeit which is first evoked in the disc released at the end of 2017 as part of a duo with Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, an Iranian percussionist mage who, with the use of his tombak (a traditional instrument from Iran), develops techniques and threads that go far beyond the Persian musical tradition. YEK (the name given to this project that unites these idiosyncratic creators) is simultaneously a percussive and ambient marvel, in which the electronic and acoustic sounds complete and disguise each other in circular themes and small sonic narratives. The work of two singular masters.