TELECTU present Belzebu

One of the tomes of Jorge Lima Barreto and Vítor Rua’s Telectu of yore, it has now been recovered by the very recent Holuzam, a national label manned by the troopers behind Flur, who decided to – for now, at least – do something with relics from the 80s’ national electronic music scene. ‘Belzebu’ was the second album by Telectu, a truly brave project in the history of the national musical vanguard, traversing several fields related to contemporary composition, the transition from modernity to post, the use of synthesizers, non-Western musical scales, improvisation, forms linked to jazz, to rock, to post-Warhol pop.

These Telectu, composed of Rua and António Duarte (the latter, a friend of the iconic duo and, crucially, the archivist of the group’s artistic material), debuted this celebration of the 35th anniversary of ‘Belzebu’ at the Teatro Maria Matos a few months ago, in early 2018. An update to nigh on biblical material in the chronology of sound and music exploration in Portugal, so that the creative spring doesn’t halt its flow.